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"VA Hosting has been really exemplary in terms of service and customer support they have always been above and beyond our expectations.

Go right ahead without worries you will not regret it !"

Theo Payton

"VAHosting has been a fantastic host. They are very helpful and courteous, and I have found them to be very thorough and efficient when resolving the few issues I have had. In fact, there have been times when I was going to ask for help, only to find my problem had been resolved in the time it took me to realize the issue. I would recommend VAHosting to anyone, 10/10"

Glory eSports

"Great, simple to use site. The best Ts3 server I have rented. Nice and helpful staff."

Grant Buchanan

"The hosting site is incredible, handles all of my friends and I easily."

Matthew Pogue

"Always have had great service with VA Hosting, if there was ever a problem, they either had it figured out before I even knew, or they were right there fixing it."


"VA Hosting is an amazing hosting company. Out of all the major ones I have seen, VA Hosting is by far the best hosting company for my Minecraft server needs. I would highly recommend giving these guys a try. They're also very nice when you need help.
Thank you VA Hosting for being amazing, professional and there for when I needed a home for my Minecraft Server needs"

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