$15.00 /mo
5120MB RAM

Want to create a small public modpack server?

A 5 gig Lapis server will allow you to have a vanilla for many of your friends2. You can also enjoy an exciting modpack3 server.

Imagine building a huge computer, piecing together an advanced modular power suit, constructing a complex space station, blasting off in a rocket to the moon, terraforming Mars, and battling dungeon bosses in the highly futuristic modpack Tekkit.

Some of the possible options for this server include:

Vanilla Server

Attack of the B Team


1This is set to 20 by default, you can change this in your Multicraft control panel.
2The number of players the server can support varies with the amount of land loaded at one time as well as the type of blocks loaded.
3The more plugins and mods your server has greatly affects the number of players the server can handle at one time.

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