Stone OC

$15.00 /mo
3072MB RAM

Like playing modpacks?

A 3 gig Stone OC server will allow you to have a vanilla server capable of housing up to 601 players. You can also enjoy an exciting modpack2 server which can handle around 302 of your friends and family.

From Modular Powersuits to Redstone Flux, Tekkit Legends has several of the basic mods conveniently arranged into one beginners modpack. Having slightly fewer mods than the other advanced modpacks you will be able to play on computers with less processing power and have the opportunity to learn Thermal Expansion, Big Reactors, Buildcraft, Computercraft and more.

Some of the possible options for this server include:

Vanilla Server up to 601 players

Tekkit Legends

1The number of players the server can support varies with the amount of land loaded at one time as well as the type of blocks loaded. 2The more plugins and mods your server has greatly affects the number of players the server can handle at one time.

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