Bedrock OC

$50.00 /mo
10240MB RAM

Want a large public server?

A 10 gig Bedrock OC server will allow you to have a vanilla server capable of housing up to 2001 players. You can also enjoy an exciting modpack2 server which can handle around 1001 players.

Have you heard of creepers throwing tnt? How about various mobs that open doors? With the Ultra Modded Survival modpack you can’t just leave your computer to take a break. There are many more hostile mobs found around the world. Just try surviving a Blood Moon with the chaos spawning about the land.

This server is best for:

Vanilla Server up to 2001 players

Ultra Modded Survival


1The number of players the server can support varies with the amount of land loaded at one time as well as the type of blocks loaded. 2The more plugins and mods your server has greatly affects the number of players the server can handle at one time.

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