Basic Minecraft Servers

Basic Minecraft Servers

Looking for a Minecraft server for your close friends and family? Our Basic Minecraft servers are great for vanilla or lightly modded servers.

There are many minecraft servers to pick from on the internet today. Being in charge of one is a different story. Here at VA Hosting LLC we pride ourselves with giving you the opportunity to enjoy running your own minecraft server.

If you would like to run Modpacks check out our Premium Minecraft Servers

Features Overview:

No Setup Fees

Instant Setup

DDoS Protection

MySQL Database

Need help with a plugin?

If you would like help learning how to use a plugin, simply put in a support ticket and we will be happy to help.

Most of us at VA Hosting LLC have hosted our own Minecraft servers and we are familiar with issues that may arise.

Wood Axe

$1.00 /mo
1024MB RAM

Wood Pickaxe

$2.00 /mo
2048MB RAM

Stone Axe

$3.00 /mo
3072MB RAM

Stone Pickaxe

$4.00 /mo
4096MB RAM

Iron Axe

$5.00 /mo
5120MB RAM
100 SLOTS1

Iron Pickaxe

$6.00 /mo
6144MB RAM
120 SLOTS1

Gold Axe

$7.00 /mo
7168MB RAM
140 SLOTS1

Gold Pickaxe

$8.00 /mo
8192MB RAM
160 SLOTS1

Diamond Axe

$9.00 /mo
9216MB RAM
180 SLOTS1

Diamond Pickaxe

$10.00 /mo
10240MB RAM
200 SLOTS1

Iron Armor

$12.00 /mo
122880MB RAM
240 SLOTS1

Gold Armor

$14.00 /mo
14336MB RAM
280 SLOTS1

Diamond Armor

$16.00 /mo
16384MB RAM
320 SLOTS1

1This is the recommended maximum number of players for a vanilla server, you can change this in your Multicraft control panel.

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