Minecraft Servers

There are many minecraft servers to pick from on the internet today. Being in charge of one is a different story. Here at VA Hosting LLC we pride ourselves with giving you the opportunity to enjoy running your own minecraft server.

Our Basic servers are located in Dallas TX, and are best for connections from inside the US, however many clients have not had issues outside the US.

Our Premium servers are located in Montreal CA and have good connection from most places, as well as being able to use 1-Click Modpack installs.

Features Overview:

No Setup Fees

Instant Setup

DDoS Protection

MySQL Database

Need help with a plugin?

If you would like help learning how to use a plugin, simply put in a support ticket and we will be happy to help.

Most of us at VA Hosting LLC have hosted our own Minecraft servers and we are familiar with issues that may arise.


Starting At:
$1.00 /mo
Good For:
Bungeecord Proxy
Low Traffic Servers
Servers With Few Plugins


We do our best to maximize the number of clients we are able to fit on these machines, as a result it uses the RAM and CPU as effectively as possible. This makes it difficult to run modpacks on these servers without causing users experiences to suffer. Since we strive to only offer the best, we do not offer modpacks on these servers.  


Intel E5-1620

4c/8t 3.6/3.8 GHZ

128 GB RAM

SSD Drives


Starting At:
$3.00 /mo
Good For:
High Traffic Servers
Heavily Modded Servers
Servers With Many Plugins


Our Premium servers are designed to be efficient. The servers have less RAM per machine, meaning that there will be fewer clients on a machine. The CPU is faster than the Basic servers. This means the servers will perform better. These servers are all around faster than the Basic servers, therefore we offer 1-click modpack installs on them.


Intel i7-4790K

4c/8t 4.0/4.4 GHZ


SSD Drives

Minecraft Bundles

Looking to start a Minecraft network? Our Minecraft bundles are a great way to get started.

All bundles include a 1GB server for the Proxy and a 2GB server for the Lobby.

If you would like help setting up your network with us, let us know, we will be glad to help.

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