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What is Mumble Link?

Mumble Link is Minecraft mod that links into your Mumble client and others for Minecraft proximity chat.


What do I need?


  1. A Mumble server (if you’re the owner, you can always connect to someone else's)
  2. The Mumble Link mod (this mod is included with popular clients like Lunar and Badlion, if you are not on a client download the Forge or Fabric mod)
  3. The Mumble Client downloaded


How do I set up a Mumble server for it?


  1. Purchase a Mumble server (you can get one from VA Hosting here)
  2. Go to your VA Hosting client area and select your Mumble server
  3. Here you can manage your server and change passwords for entering, but what you need is your servers ip and port (save this for later)
  4. Make sure the server is started


How do I set up a Mumble client for it?


  1. A video based guide can be found here
  2. In your Mumble client click the settings icon at the top
  3. In the Transmission section of Audio Input, set Transmit to Continuous
  4. Then guide yourself the the Interface section of Audio Output and make sure Positional Audio is on
  5. In the Plugins section, make sure that Link to Game and Transmit Position is on
  6. Go into your clients mods section (for this we are going to use Lunar)
  7. Search for Mumble Link and enable it
  8. In your Mumble client, reload the plugins
  9. In Minecraft it should say you are linked and in Mumble it should say it linked to Minecraft
  10. In the top left corner of Mumble click Server, then click Connect
  11. Click Add New
  12. Type in all the information that you have for your Mumble server, ip, port, password (if you have one set) and your choice of username.


Once everyone has done this who you are playing with, everyone should be connected with proximity. If you need any extra support feel free to ask someone in our discord.

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