Common Problems and Solutions

During your time as a server owner, you may come across issues or errors which at first seem intimidating, but are fortunately quite common, and therefore easy to resolve.


Often this error is the result of your server running out of available RAM.
It's important to regularly monitor your Multicraft console to ensure every plugin you've installed is running correctly, and that your server's CPU is not peaking too regularly.

"IllegalArgumentException: Too big view radius"

The most likely cause of this is that you have your "view-distance" set to a value above 15 in your file. Simply lower it to resolve this issue.

"Failed to load plugin ______"

It seems a plugin has failed to load.

Always keep an eye on your server console for error messages when installing new plugins to ensure that they both load correctly, but also continue to function properly as your server runs. If error messages do occur, don't worry, most of the time the error will show where the issue lies. Simply copy the error, otherwise known as the "StackTrace" and send it to the plugin developer.

You may also contact us via a Support Ticket.


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