How do I use votifier/nuvotifier with my server (VA Hosting LLC)

Installing votifier/nuvotifier on your VA Hosting Server:

Stop your server

Make sure your server is on a server type that supports plugins, in this case we are using Spigot:

Select Spigot

Click save and start the server.

After the server shows online, stop it again.

Go to Files>FTP File Access from the main page of Multicraft:

Files>FTP File Access

On the next screen, enter your Multicraft password and click Login:

Login to FTP

Near the top of the next screen you will see Go to Working Directory, click the directory name right after that, in this case Server_Spigot

Go to Working Directory

Click on the plugins directory:

Plugins Directory

Click Upload:

Click Upload

Click on Choose File:

Choose File

Select the Votifier/NuVotifer plugin from your computer and click open:

Select and Open

If you do not have the Votifer/NuVotifier plugin, you can get it from here:

Click Submit:

Click Submit

After the upload is complete, start and stop the server again.


Configuring votifier/nuvotifier on your VA Hosting Server:

Navigate back to Server_Spigot/plugins in the FTP File Access, if you are already in this folder, you may need to Click the Up link and then click on plugins folder again to refresh the directory.

Click on Votifier Directory:

Votifier Directory

Click edit to the right of config.yml:

Click Edit

Click Show Extended Server Information near the top:

Click Extended Server Information

Set the port in the Votifier config.yml to one of the Open Ports listed under Extended Server Information and host to then click save:

Set Port

Your server is now ready to start accepting votes from voting sites, you will now need to go to the voting sites and setup your accounts to connect to the server.

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