I bought a teamspeak3 server how do I make myself the Admin?

Becoming owner/admin of your TeamSpeak 3 server:
After your server is purchased you should receive an email with important information, In this email you can find both your IP/Port and your Token Admin.
When you join your server for the fist time you will see a popup window that you can type your Token Admin into, after entering your Token Admin you should become the owner of the server.  If you do not see the popup you can click on Permissions > Use Privilege Key to open it.
If it says that the key is invalided then you will need to first check to see if you are connected to the correct server, when you connect to your server you need to have your port at the end of the address (example: ts3.vahosting.net:1234)
If you are on the correct server and still cannot use your Token Admin then you will need to get a new one.

To get a new Token Admin Token:
Log into your client area here: https://vahosting.net/clientarea.php
Click on Services > TeamSpeak 3 then click on Tokens
From here you can create a new Server Admin Token or try the one listed (if there is one)

If you still cannot get it to work please put in a support ticket and we will be happy to help you.
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