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 My account is temporarily blocked (Multicraft)

Errors such as this occur when you've entered your Multicraft account details incorrectly too...

 How to Change your MOTD/Public Minecraft Server Name (Multicraft)

1. Log into Multicraft, select your server and stop the server.2. On the left hand side of your...

 How to setup and secure a BungeeCord network

First, lets explain what a BungeeCord network is: BungeeCord networks normally have at least 4...

 How to OP yourself on your Minecraft Server (Multicraft)

1. log into your Multicraft control panel and select your Minecraft server.2. On the left hand...

 Cannot connect to my server "authentication servers are down"

Cannot connect "authentication servers are down" This is normally cause by mojang being down or...

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