We have set up the servers so that you can use java 11 or 16 if you want, please understand that this may break plugins/files on your server, so be sure to backup before switching.


Follow these steps to switch:

1. Stop the server

2. Go to Files>Backup, and create a backup

3. Go to Files>FTP File Access and log in

4. Click on the link following: "Go to Working Directory"  for example, if you are running spigot, it will say "Go to Working Directory Server_Spigot" you would click on "Server_Spigot"

5. Click on "New file"

6. Name the file "jar_ver_11_override.txt" for java 11 or "jar_ver_16_override.txt" for java 16 and save, you do not need to enter any text

7. Start the server


This setting is per server type, so if you set it for java 11 or 16 on spigot, and then switch to craftbukkit, it will be on java 8 for craftbukkit, you would just need to follow the above steps again and place the file in the Server_Craftbukkit folder.

Sunday, August 16, 2020

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