A 7 gig Gold server will allow you to host a Vanilla or Spigot/Bukkit Minecraft server with many of your friends players. You can also enjoy an exciting modpack server.

Looking for an extremely technical minecraft experience? Attack of the B Team gives you a diverse combination of mods with machines and space exploration. Start with Archimedes’ Ships to help you fly around the world. Use Flans Mod to build airplanes, and other vehicles. Explore more space with Galacticraft Planets. Tempt your fate with tornados in the mod Weather. This modpack also features Minefactory Reloaded and Thermal Expansion for most of your automation needs.

$28.00 /mo

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High Quality Minecraft Server Hosting

There are many minecraft servers to pick from on the internet today. Being in charge of one is a different story. Here at VA Hosting LLC we pride ourselves with giving you the opportunity to enjoy running your own minecraft server..

It can sometimes be difficult to know what server to choose, so we have added a list of what is supported with this server.
Means that it is supported.
Means that you may be able to run it, however you need to keep an eye on the RAM usage.
Means that it is not supported, if you try to run a server type that is not supported, you will most likly have issues with your server, including lag and possibly corrupt worlds and data loss.

Supported with this plan:

Bungeecord Proxy
Bungeecord Lobby
Minecraft Pre 1.8
Minecraft 1.8-1.12
Minecraft Above 1.13

All Premium Plans

Plan RAM Price
Dirt 1 GB $4.00 /mo More Info
Grass 2 GB $8.00 /mo More Info
Stone 3 GB $12.00 /mo More Info
Coal 4 GB $16.00 /mo More Info
Lapis 5 GB $20.00 /mo More Info
Iron 6 GB $24.00 /mo More Info
Gold 7 GB $28.00 /mo Selected
Emerald 8 GB $32.00 /mo More Info
Diamond 9 GB $36.00 /mo More Info
Bedrock 10 GB $40.00 /mo More Info

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