Anyone wanting sponsorship must start as an affiliate first, here is more information on the affiliate program: https://vahosting.net/company/affiliate-program.php

Be sure to use your correct information when signing up, meaning, use your real name and address, using incorrect information will disqualify you from being sponsored, or receiving any payouts from the affiliate program.

After you sign up for the affiliate program, you will need to place a support ticket through your client area asking for sponsorship, you will need let us know where you plan on advertising your affiliate link, as well as any other information about you or your group that you think would make you good for sponsorship.

If you are approved as a sponsor, you will receive a 10% discount on your services. We do not offer free services for new sponsorships, however if your link performs well, you may become eligible in a few months.

Be sure that you do not click the link excessively, as this can disqualify your from being sponsored. We use both our billing system and Google Analytics to track the links, the billing system registers every click, even if one person clicks it many times. For example, if an affiliate link is clicked 1000 times by one person, the link will show 1000 clicks, however Google Analytics will show us that only one person clicked the link.

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