About Us

In 2011 a minecraft server was started for a family and small group of friends who enjoy building together. Over the next few years the server grew in population and in 2014 the team came together to create VA Hosting. Being a group of individuals who love to play games we understand the importance of gaming with friends and family. The VA Hosting Team consists of individuals who are professional, caring, and over all want you to have a great customer experience.

With a goal of providing you with high quality service at an affordable cost, we can offer a number of services for you, our customers.

We have high speed, reliable Minecraft servers for you. We also can set you up with one click modpack installs for your Minecraft game such as FTB Revelation and SevTech Ages.

We also offer support for customizing your game; we can assist you in customizing config files, installing and/or deleting plugins, and setting up permissions.

In addition, we host both TeamSpeak 3 and Mumble, allowing you to talk to other players at low cost on a secure channel.

To make sure that we can offer you support and get you what you need as quickly and with as few issues as possible, we have set up a fast and reliable ticket service. If you would prefer to chat live with our staff, you can contact us through our Discord.

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