We have received notice from our provider at the datacenter that they will be changing their upstream provider.  This means that all the servers we have with them will be moved and given new IP addresses, this applies to all of our Basic servers and the Dallas TX TeamSpeak server.

This will take place at the end of May to the beginning June, downtime will vary per machine, with most being less then a couple hours, and at most, less then a day.

We will add more updates as we get them.  You can find the server that you are in under FTP File Access in Multicraft.  bmc6 will be listed under the FTP Address as bmc6.vahosting.net.  Once the servers are moved, you can find your new IP Address in the Multicraft Panel.

If you are using the free MySQL database that comes with the server, you will need to make sure that all of your config files are updated with the new MySQL IP address.

If you are running a BungeeCord network, you will need to update all of the server IP addresses as the machines are moved.

All servers have been moved, if you have any issues after the move, please let us know.

Thursday, June 4, 2020

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