All updates have been completed.

We will be updating TeamSpeak tomorrow (March 17th), downtime should be less then an hour. server is back online, everything looks to be functioning properly.  If you have any issues after the update, let us know. 

We temporally have online, we will need to take it back offline again in the next 2 days (March 16 and 17)  in order to fix an issue with it.  You can check what machine you are on by going to Files>FTP File Access in Multicraft and looking at the FTP Address listed there.  We will also be updating TeamSpeak servers over the next 2 days (March 16 and 17).

All Minecraft servers are updated except one, the current server is going to take longer then the rest, due to an issue on the machine.  We are backing up the files before we make any other changes, so that they can be restored if needed.

We are starting the updates to the servers now, we will send an announcement over the Minecraft servers before we take them down for the update.

Starting Sunday evening March 15th we will be updating Multicraft to resolve an issue with the plugin installer.

We are expecting the downtime to be less then an hour per machine, and plan to have all machines updated by Tuesday March 17th.

Friday, March 13, 2020

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